Healing Your Inner Child Series

A three-week online guided journey of growth and healing to transform your relationship with your inner child.

This series of sessions was recorded in November/December 2022 but you can purchase and receive access to the replays for 90 days.  

As part of the program we'll be exploring:

  • What is the inner child?
  • The authentic and adapted selves.
  • Trauma and the loss of authenticity.
  • Safety and self soothing.
  • Emotional triggers and transformation. 
  • Reclaiming innocence, curiosity and creativity. 
  • Re-parenting and loving our wounded parts. 
  • Tools for creating safety in intimate relationships.  

As a member you will receive:

  • 90 Day access to the replays of 3x 2 hour webinars. 
  • Daily practices to come to better understand your inner child and inner parent.
  • Journalling and writing prompts to reconnect your inner child, teenager and adult so that they can work together and support one another going forward. 
  • A guided breath work journey for emotional expression and integration.  

rice €150. 

Please Note- 
Though this is a 3 week program, you will receive access to the course materials for 90 days following sign up.

This series of sessions is not a substitute for medical or psychological advice and in signing up you agree to take personal responsibility for your process.