The Shadow Work Series

A four-week online guided journey of growth and healing to uncover and re-integrate your disowned parts. 

You will receive 6 months access to this course. 


We'll be exploring:

  • What is the shadow?
  • Understand dark and gold shadow.
  • Exploring our limiting beliefs and their origins.
  • Working with anger, grief, fear and shame.
  • Emotional triggers and transformation. 
  • The inner critic and inner saboteur. 
  • The shadow in relationships. 
  • Re-integrating our disowned parts and finding wholeness. 

What you'll get:

  • Four 2 hour webinar recordings.
  • Daily practices to help 'make the unconscious conscious' and go beyond unhelpful patterns and habits. 
  • Journalling and writing prompts to better understand your patterns, your emotions and your beliefs. 
  • A guided breath work journey for emotional expression and integration.  

rice €160. 

Please Note-
Though this is a 4 week course you will receive four months access to the materials so that you can come review the content or come back to it a few times. 

This series of sessions is not a substitute for medical or psychological advice and in signing up you agree to take personal responsibility for your process.